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US time on Wednesday, according to cheap nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporters, Richard and raid people renewed a $ 2 million contract. After the incentive bonus, the salary can be up to 8 million US dollars, including $ 4.6 million in full guarantee.

Optimistic people will think that the team usher in the eleventh week is a genitic opportunity and hopes that the four-point guards, Die Jones, can help the steel people to defeat CLEVLANBREN. This may be able to return to the twelfth week or thirteenth week.

In addition to the pirates, no other team might be more to the core of the quarterback. No Winston, the pirates would happen then? Interestingly, he has more than the same session, Marcus - more than 281 times to throw the ball Mali Horta (Marcus Mariota).

Not surprise surprise? The league's most efficient offensive red ball does not belong to Dallas or Tennessee. On the contrary, the Bill season average of 5.3 yards per carry advance the ball, ranking first in the league. I do not know Sean - McDermott (Sean McDermott) features, but I do not think he will abandon red ball attack. This, we need to rely on the peak of No. 25 is still a running back.

Now, Glaham officially received a penalty of the alliance. $ 30,000 may not be a lot to him, but this figure is twice as much as the fine of Johnny Manzie, and his fined reasons is to stand in the opponent.

Pony owner donates 50,000 US dollars to help NFL legendary reporters
The donation of the Indianapolis boss Jim Irsay has been well known in the past few years. In 2014, he donated UNITED WAY 1 million US dollars, then donated to Cincinnati Tiger's De Feng-Sili (Devon Still) 10,000 US dollars helped his daughter to defeat the disease, Iries never forget to help those who need need.

Frederick the Great To win this award, he will need a lot of help. 86 catches last season, tight end Dennis - pita (Dennis Pitta) has Retrenched, crow red ball attack also ranked bottom of the league (averaging 91.4 yards, 28 in the league), with Mike - Wallace (Mike Wallace), Bray Shad - Perryman (Breshad Perriman) and Jeremy - McLean (Jeremy Maclin) is a wide receiver who can bear the heavy responsibility on behalf of it? Anyway, if Flacco came 4600 yards in a single season can and help the team win the division, then how could he not be the MVP of it?

Despite no one suspected that there is a strong tenacity, the foot spraining takes time to recover, otherwise the injury will continue and continue to affect his performance in this season. Datin may want to return to the competition to help steel people maintain the competition of the seasons, but he is very impossible to get it to be played in the next game.

Big Ben is more optimistic. He said on Tuesday in the radio show, he did not think that he would absence the next game. "The time of the round week is very good, but I don't think I will absent the game," Rosrisberg said. "I will observe the restoration every day ... I can walk. I will not run or do something like this, but do things, doing doctors and trainer make me do, such as using ice. Let the soreness disappear and still recover the injury. "

Richard is usually used to transform the offensive rhythm, or complete the 3-speed short-code conversion. He was 39 times this year, promoted 145 yards, and the ability to catch the Derek Carr has a pass target. Richard was passed down by 43 times this year, and 36 times were completed, and 323 yards were promoted.

In the 2012-2017 season, Patrimia served as a patriot defensive coordinator, and the team won two super bowls. After he got off the team, Belipk did not let other people serve as this position, but last season, Belipk made their son to defensive tactical arrangements.

Matt - Patrimia will return to the new England Patriot Coach Group
US time on Friday, according to ESPN reporters, in November of November, Matt Patricia will return to the front of the new England Patriot.

Stafford has been underestimated in the last season definitely has the strength to compete MVP. But the last paragraph of the season he injured his right middle finger, while Matt - Ryan has maintained a hot hand. Reinforcing the offensive line and running back Amir - Abdullah (Ameer Abdullah) Stafford's return should give a chance to compete for MVP.

In fact, even the NBA this season awards ceremony had not met yet ... those smart people who work in the NBA learned first-hand with us, suddenly decided to engage in a party like the wholesale nfl jerseys as a way to announce MVP winners. As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. NFL Honors award ceremony business was quite successful in the past few years, because it revealed to the most important professional football players added some luck (although most of the time are winning quarterback).

Not to mention the contract renewal issue, Beckham can focus to remain on the court do? THE NEW Brandon - Marshall (Brandon Marshall) and first-round pick tight end Evan - Engel Ram (Evan Engram) can actually reduce the burden to Beckham, maybe Beckham can come up MVP-level performance .